Armored cars’ catalogue

Cianci Armoring has cars and solutions tailored to each requirement. When the safety of persons may be endangered, the only sensible choice is to rely on those who can provide the most appropriate level of security and protection.

Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard

Armored car | Mercedes S600
Armored car | Mercedes S600

Mercedes S-600

Armored car | Mercedes G | 2
Armored car | Mercedes G | 2

Mercedes G-class

Safety, professionalism, confidentiality

The security offered is the added value of our company: all Cianci Armoring’s vehicles are unique and are built with certified components and ballistic protection, in order to ensure a perfect functionality of the vehicle. Our clients recognize in our experience and professionalism an added value, which makes the difference in the national and international market.

Cianci Armoring: an added value

High levels of quality and reliability our staff, availability 24 hours, vehicle customization, high levels of flexibility make the Cianci Armoring a unique company in its sector.

Total service to the customer

We satisfy our clients before, during and after the delivery of the car: Cianci Armoring can be proud of an excellent service in the field of armored vehicles, thanks to the use of innovative systems and of the highest excellence, a trained and skilled staff and a personalization of services, that ensure the maximum customer satisfaction.