Level of armoring

Certify a car requires huge cost of production, as well as high costs for testing the armor too. One can think that armoring is made of a few steel reinforcement or a double glass, but it is not so! Only the highest quality construction (certified), the experience and the methodology will make a vehicle of excellence, that is what we guarantee and offer our clients. The cars are not modified only in the body: the armor also affects the braking system, tires, engine compartment etc.. In the pursuit of innovation, Cianci Armoring constantly refines its technology in the field of security. As a result we always get the highest levels.

Ballistic test

Internet gives the possibility to access to anyone who wants to offer a service or a product; however, terrorists use Internet in the same way as anyone else. That is why we believe it is very unwise for us to describe the specific armor of our cars. We are of the opinion that details such as these, must be extremely confidential, to better serve the interest of our customers, who invest in our product and give only limited information.

Pay attention to bargains, often cost you your life!