Special realizations

Comfort and security

Our special body shop is a real atelier, which sew up the product according to the customer's specific requirements.

Cianci Armoring has a special department that designs and manufactures unique solutions in the field of security. Some realizations (such as armored and certificated sunroofs) have won awards and praise from Heads of State to the flexibility of their use; braking systems and suspensions allow use of the vehicle in extreme conditions; special wheels with a load capacity specification for armored vehicles with a total weight up to 5,7t (Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with armoring VR9).

Some solutions developed for special forces have contributed to the saving of many lives, both military and civilian. We also develop electronic solutions for specific clients, authorized by government agencies; but for this, as for other projects, because of the sensitivity of the data, are not disclosed further details.

N.B.: Estimates are not released by telephone